On this page you will find a series of tutorials which introduce SystemC for FPGA design and verification.

SystemC is actually a set of classes and libraries which are built on top of the C++ programming language. We can download and install these libraries for free from the Accellera website.

As a result of this, the basic syntax of the SystemC syntax is taken directly from the C++ language.

However, in these tutorials we will only look at the SystemC extensions which we can use in FPGA design and verification.

Therefore, if you are not already familiar with the C++ language then it is a good idea to take a beginners C++ course before reading through these tutorials.

In addition to this, it is recommended that you also read the posts which introduce the FPGA development process first. These give an overview of all the stages required to design an FPGA. This information will give you some important basic background knowledge which will help with these tutorials.

A picture of the underside of a CPU
In the first post in this series we talk about how SystemC designs are structured and how this relates to the hardware being described.

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