Getting Started

In these introductory posts we discuss the FPGA development process from start to finish. This includes synthesis, place and route, timing and verification. However, we do not look at the coding of FPGAs in detail in these posts.

If you are new to FPGAs then it is recommended to read the posts in this series before going through the VHDL tutorials or Verilog tutorials which cover programming in more depth.

Alternatively, you may wish to take one of these verilog or VHDL courses which also feature hands-on, practical examples after reading through the posts here.

Introduction to the FPGA Development Process
In this post we give a broad overview of the FPGA development Process. This includes an introduction to the design, verification and implementation (synthesis and place and route) processes. In
An Introduction to the FPGA Design Process
In this post we talk about the FPGA design process in more detail. This includes a discussion of all of the main stages of the design process - architecting the
Introduction to the FPGA Build Process
In this post we talk about the FPGA implementation process. This process involves taking an existing HDL based design and creating a programming file for our target FPGA. In this


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