We are delighted to be partnering with Fourdotpay, a brand new payment platform, to bring you exclusive video contents. For a limited time, Fourdotpay will give new users a £5 welcome gift meaning that you can try one of new videos absolutely free! Read on for details about how to take advantage of this limited time offer.


What’s the first thing I need to do?

Head to the videos section and buy the lesson you want. You’ll be offered two ways to sign up to Fourdotpay (see below)

How do I sign up to Fourdotpay?

When you click the Buy button, you’ll be shown two ways to proceed.

a) [Recommended] If you’re using a computer and use Chrome browser you can opt to install the Fourdotpay Chrome extension from the Google Chrome Webstore (click the link below). Once downloaded, open the extension and sign up to Fourdotpay by providing a few details.

Get the Fourdotpay Chrome Extension

b) You can download the mobile app (iOS or Android). Enter your email address when prompted and you’ll be sent app install instructions. As we are in our early launch phase, Android users must have a @gmail.com email address. If you don't have one, please use the Chrome Extension option above.

How do I fund my Fourdotpay wallet?

Because you’re helping us as one of our early users, Fourdotpay will credit your account with £5 once you’ve signed up. Just drop us an email at [email protected], with your account id, as soon as you’ve signed up. We’ll let you know when we’ve funded your account. Alternatively, you can fund your account from your bank account via the “ Deposit” option in the app or Chrome extension.

Does this work outside of the UK?

Unless you are availing of our £5 free credit offer, you need the ability to pay into a UK bank account (using UK sort code and account number). If you want to make withdrawals from your Fourdotpay account, you need a UK bank account.

Once my account is funded, how do I buy access to the content?

Now for the easy bit: hit the buy button on my website, log in to Fourdotpay Chrome extension or mobile app. If using the Chrome extension, you’ll be prompted to confirm the payment, if using the mobile app, fire up the scanner within the app and scan the QR Code shown on my website, shown after you hit the Buy button. Confirm the payment. Now you can access the premium content!

How do I give Feedback?

Send feedback on the course to [email protected]. Send feedback on the wallet sign up and payment experience to me or direct to [email protected].


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